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Inner Arrow Acu~Yoga


We've combined the age old spiritual practice of yoga with the experience of community style acupuncture. The yoga poses and acupuncture needles together in combination are designed to assist students in finding a deep, restorative sense of wellbeing.

This is an inner yoga class, all poses are chosen on-demand to specifically address the needs of the students in each class. 

Acupuncture will be preformed on the ears and administered at the end of your yogic dance to support your practice and take you into a deep state of relaxation. Some students, maybe all - it depends on your intake form - will also receive needles during class. These needles will go into specific areas of the body, usually the hands and feet. Reilly will come around to each student, one by one, and coach them out of their active yoga and into a supported pose - typically either shavasana or child's pose - to receive acupuncture. Needles administered during class will go into the acupuncture points chosen specifically for you and/or for the class. The needles make contact with the Qi energy and then they are promptly removed - a gentle needling style not as commonly used. When the needling is complete you will be invited to re-join the class at your leisure, we recommend taking your time and having some water before returning to the yoga flow. You are welcome to lay in shavasana (or child's pose) as long as you would like.

We feel that working in a group setting provides a unique opportunity to amplify the effect of your yogic practice and the healing benefits of acupuncture; together, as a group, we resonate to create balance, restoration and harmony for all. 

Cost of the class is $30. Class size is limited, kindly pre-register.

Please arrive early to fill out a short intake and make a payment.

Update*** We’ve had such a wonderful year with such positive feedback that we are pausing to develop content for teacher training. Thank you for your continued support we look forward to connecting again soon! 🦋


The teachers:

Reilly Jernigan, L.Ac., LMT Classical Five-Element Acupuncturist, Certified Instructor and Master Practitioner of Phenomenal Touch Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Somatic Emotional Release, Mystic & Herbal Enthusiast.

George Zarnowski – Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist (visit George’s website for more information)