Self care is a commitment to your own landscape

Body, mind and spirit, this is transforming an empty field or overgrown garden, into fruitful, sustainable earth. It takes time. But when we compost the past, tend to the present, and plant for the future, the reward is self-connection, authenticity, and abundance.



The best treatment program is twice a week, then once a week, then twice monthly, then once monthly

The needles rarely stay in, they contact the qi & come right out I am present with you the whole time


The best massages are long & spacious; I add cupping, hot stones, essential oils and other magic when inspiration strikes

This isn’t just a quick “work on my back” session, it’s a healing & transformative process


I listen to your story: personal & medical, current complaints & areas where you’d like to see change

I look at your overall energy to clear blocks and imbalances in the system, and then bring everything into harmony